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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


And then, there's this:

One of my earliest discoveries when researching world politics in the late ‘70’s was documentation describing the indoctrination given American students of psychology  on an exchange student trip to Moscow in the 1930’s.  The indoctrination was given by Professor Lavrenty Beria of Moscow University, who was also Security Chief of the NKVD under Josef Stalin and later First Deputy Premier of Russia, and reputed to be the most ruthless murderer in the Soviet Union.  The indoctrination consisted of teaching them how to diagnose all patriotism, all passion, all support for worthwhile ideals of living in liberty, as one form or another of mental illness.  It seems they have come a long way.  Thanks, Charlie.

How do you make a person walk into a school and slaughter innocent children?  This is how it is done.
John Hinkley Jr., after treatment by his psychiatrist, gets on a bus, goes to Washington and on Monday, March 30, 1981, just 69 days into the presidency, shoots Ronald Reagan.  He claimed he had a voice screaming in his head commanding him to do it.
Narcosynthesis, Narco-analysis, and Narco-hypnosis are all terms for the use of Narcotics in Mental Treatment.  Every single mass shooting we have had has had a person who has first, been on psychotropic drugs, and second, been in the care of a Mental Health professional. Each time, it is followed by distempered screams to "Give up your guns".
Narco-hypnosis is just what the word implies.  It is hypnotism, or the giving of commands or suggestions, while the person is drugged and semi conscious or completely unconscious.  It is sometimes called Pain and Drug Hypnosis.  It is widely used in espionage work and even in corporate espionage and is so wide today that, with the seemingly senseless school and mall slayings, it is long past the time when people should become alarmed about it.
The book by Gordon Thomas called Journey into Madness, Medical Torture and the Mind Controllers is an expose of CIA and other intelligence agency psychiatric mind altering technology. This book is is what Dr. Hayashi of AUM claimed was the text that the AUM doctors had based all their psychiatric experimental treatments on.  Per Thomas's book, one of the foremost proponents of the psychiatric mind-controlling techniques was former head of the World Psychiatric Association, Canadian psychiatrist, Dr. Donald Ewin Cameron who did work with the CIA, had as its intention to "drive" the person by subconscious and hidden mental commands.  Cameron had many students assisting and studying techniques from countries around the world.
During the evolution of this weaponized science, it was found nearly impossible to have a person commit immoral acts, such as walk into a school and murder innocent children, unless this person had been both drugged and had some form of pain or electric shock administered to him at the same time.  Commands and suggestions are usually worded so that the patient will forget that he has ever been given drug hypnosis.  A person can be getting out of his car, knocked down, drugged and beaten or shocked while receiving commands, and placed neatly in his bed, waking the next morning without any memory of it, have his cup of coffee, and pleasantly go off to work, stopping at the nearby school to shoot down a couple of dozen children before shooting himself in the head, not knowing anything was out of the ordinary.
Most of this research mentioned above was done in the fifties and sixties.  Things have come a long way since then and I am sure techniques have become nothing but more efficient and effective, and drugs have become much more dependable, but make no mistake, they are used today and are widespread both in Government agencies and private agencies all over the world.
We are at war.  We are actually engaged in conflict with the enemy. The enemy means to subdue you.  The purpose of a war is not necessarily to kill everybody.  The purpose of a war is to put the other side in a more amenable state of mind.  To make them stop fighting.  To give up.  To do what you want them to do.
The slaughtering of our children is an act of war against the American People.  They came to kill our children.  It is an act of espionage to get YOU to give up.  It is psychological warfare.  It is to get you to give up.  To stop.  To lose heart.  To lose the war.  To stop fighting.  To lay down your weapons.  To hand in your guns, and to prepare for what has been planned for you.  If these plans were good for you, there would be no fear of you owning weapons.  They want you to give them up.  To give up.  To get on your knees and stay there.
Think back to the end of any war.  What is the first thing the losers are told to do?  "Hand in your weapons.", that's what.  Are you going to do that?  Is that going to be our response to these animals coming and killing our children?  It may seem like this war is mild to you. Your pretty street is not being turned into rubble.  It's all so comfortable.  That it is "over there" and is not on your street.
It is not mild.  It is also not "over there".  It is deadly and it is in a neighborhood near you.  It is right here and being fought by so many of you in so many ways.  It is time we all realize this and responded to these acts of war against us.  It is your freedom that is at stake and it is the freedom of all of man that is at stake.
These senseless killings are not senseless at all.  They are planned and coordinated acts of war against you and I, and these animals will use the murder of your own children to get you to stop.  To quit.  To give up and obey.  To lay down and hand in your weapons.
Not me!

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