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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


These is two videos and one audio recording pertaining to the massacres we’ve been having lately, and provides some really startling and quirky information – the kind of thing where you say “Wow!  What the heck does THAT mean?”.  The first video is just some raw video of the vigil in Newtown Connecticut after the shooting, and you have to sit through a seemingly interminable lead-in of meaningless patterns on the screen and unreadable audio.  The second link is to an audio track of the police frequency as officers were responding to the Sandy Hook massacre:  There’s a report of “two shooters.”  At about a quarter of the way in an officer states a witness reported two shadows running alongside the building, and then he reports he has them “proned out,” meaning he has them down and in custody.  Then not another word about them.  The third video shows scenes from “Batman:  The Dark Knight Rises”, which was playing at the theater in Aurora when James Holmes (allegedly) started shooting the place up.  On the side of a building in the background of a scene is the word “Aurora” in red letters.  In another scene, a map is spread across a table with what appears to be handheld radio equipment in the foreground, and the voice-over describes the words “Sandy Hook” printed on the map (although I couldn’t read it, and someone in the comments said they couldn’t read it either).  The voice-over also asserted that in the movie “The Matrix,” Neo’s passport has an expiration date of 9/11/2001 on it – Uh, I have that movie and I don’t remember any passport.  I’ll have to review that.  So, here’s some very curious information, folks, FWIW.  Thanks, Mary.

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