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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Several questions regarding elections and voting:
·         Why doesn’t the federal government pay for postage for absentee ballots?
o   Isn’t demanding remuneration, in essence a poll tax, from the demographic group we collectively call the Military?
o   SCOTUS recently ruled that the Affordable Care Act was a tax, even though it was not called a tax.
o   What is the difference between “poll tax” and “postage”?
·         Is it illegal to request a $5 donation to offset the cost of early voting or absentee ballots?
o   Why am I required to pay for a convenience item requested by another?
o   Don’t we already do this with commuter lanes fees?
·         Why don’t we require voting machines that print receipts and indicate for whom you voted?
o   I was shocked to learn there was no way to see—and verify—how  the machines read and recorded my ballot when I inserted the two sheets into it.
o   The software and hardware already exist.
o   Bank ATMs spit out paper trails for users.
o   Why did our politicians and civil servants fail to faithfully accomplish this protection of our rights?
·         Why are the voting fraud laws so weak and so poorly enforced?
o   Why is subverting an election not considered a capital offense?
o   Why isn’t this prosecuted under RICO when applicable?
o   Why is the penalty for counterfeiting currency stricter than for voter fraud?
o   Why isn’t the supervisor of elections in FL 18th demanding State and Federal investigations?
o   Why are the supervisors of elections in Pennsylvania demanding similar investigations when there is a statistically significant deviation from norms?
o   Why does anyone believe you can get 99% participation in voting—something that consumes resource—when we don’t get that level of participation in federal entitlement programs that provide “free” resource to participants?
·         What is the incentive for media outlets to demand reform when they make billions on political advertising during elections?

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