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Friday, November 30, 2012


Just WTH is going on around here?


TSA claims Congress has no control over it; refuses to attend hearings

Officials who lead a federal agency created and funded by Congress seem to no longer feel obligated to appear before the congressional committee charged with overseeing the daily operations of that agency, then tyranny must exists.
The Notorious John Pistole, the Obama Administration's top Dog of the Transportation Security Agency. It seems he is refusing to appear before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, but he's even gone over the line and said the congressional committee possesses "no jurisdiction over the TSA."
We don't answer to you or anyone!!!!!
According to the committee's website, Pistole was requested to appear before the panel's subcommittee on Aviation Nov. 28, to provide testimony at a hearing titled, "How Best to Improve Our Nation's Airport Passenger Security System Through Common Sense Solutions."
Chaired by Rep. Thomas Petri, R-Wis., the focus of the hearing was to "examine the impact that the regulations and policies of the Transportation Security Administration have on aviation passenger experience and the free flow of aviation commerce," according to a summary posted on the panel's website.
Despite being requested by a duly authorized congressional committee, Pistole, via a statement issued by the agency on its website, refused to comply:
By U.S. House of Representatives rules which state that the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has no jurisdiction over the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), no representative from TSA will be present at the Subcommittee on Aviation hearing scheduled for Nov. 29.
Well there you have it....As in Nazi Germany leading up to and including WWII, the GESTAPO was an agency which ran with the blessing of Heir Hitler and with impunity, it did not need to ask for permission, it followed its mandate which was to Search and Seize at its pleasure any and all suspected enemies of the state, whether it be Jews, gentiles, artists, gypsy's, intellectuals, resistors of any kind, they could arrest them, hold them indefinitely with out due process, interrogate them for days, torture them , and have them vanish, and or have them executed what ever they wanted. sound familiar Folks?

 Now listen up people, you had better get a handle on this agency or they will be knocking on your door asking you for your flippin papers, and members of your family will start disappearing!
Defund the TSA
In the upcoming 113th Congress, which convenes Jan. 9, Mica steps down and will be replaced by Rep. Bill Shuster of Pennsylvania. When asked by reporters for a reaction to the TSA's refusal to show up and testify at the scheduled hearing, as well as the agency's declaration it did not fall under the auspices of the committee, Shuster explained: "I don't think we have direct jurisdiction but when they impede commerce, when they impede the traveling public, they need to answer to the committee."
In an interview with Bloomberg News, Shuster said he "absolutely" expects the agency's officials to appear at Transportation committee hearings. When asked what he would do if they refuse, Shuster was cryptic: "We'll cross that bridge when we get there."
As we've reported often - and will continue to do so - the TSA is a rogue agency being run by unelected bureaucrats who believe they don't have to answer to anyone - the public, which has grown tired and wary of the behavior of its agents, or the elected congressional representatives charged with overseeing it.
No bureaucracy is above reproach. Congress has the power of the purse strings; it should exercise that power and defund the TSA.
While I personally despise the TSA, its statement clearly says that it will work the with committees that actually do have jurisdiction over it, which would be the House Committee on Homeland Security.
America - everything you have stood for is going down the gurgler. They say there are three types of people in the world - Those who MAKE things happen, Those who WATCH things happen, and Those who WONDER what happened. Which are you going to be?
The TSA is getting its marching orders from Barack Obama, the great dictator. That's why they're brazenly ignoring their subpoena to appear. If Americans don't hold Congress accountable and force them to defund this illegitimate organization, then the USA as we know it has ended and has fallen into tyranny. No doubt about it.

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