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Sunday, November 4, 2012


You have to wonder at the heart and the soul of a "leader" who is an imposter, for all we know, saying this.

"Revenge" is a powerful word.  And then you have Valerie Jarrett and her ranting, backing him up.  Also uttering "revenge".

What goes on here?  This it the window of the man who hates Americans and anyone who doesn't embrace his dangerous ideology.  That's most of us.  He is rabidly going to pursue our payback.

If you vote for Obama, you will see the destruction he will wreak on our country, on our lives, until indeed, we live in a gulag worthy of the 1950s in the Soviet Union.  His army will destroy you, destroy our guaranteed liberties and freedom, given to us by our Creator.

It doesn't matter if you are black, white.  Ethnicity doesn't matter.  If you are a citizen, he will become a full-fledged dictator and you won't have an Obamaphooooone.  You won't have choices.  You will die if you are chronically ill.  You will receive minimal healthcare.  You will be forced to move to the cities so you can be tracked and work for the state.  You will be allotted your profits for you...redistribution of wealth.

Yes.  We are entering frightful, dark times.  The darkness far worse than any of us can imagine.  No bright futures.  No ambition.  No dreams will you have when you are forced to have abortions or fight for a loaf of bread.  Most of you who read this will not remember the endless bread lines with babushka women in Russia, disappointment on their faces, leaving the state bakeries empty handed.

Your beloved family and friends will face conditions that will cull out the old and ill, those with mental and physical disabilities and decrease the birth rate and that is called "eugenics".  You won't even know what you're eating.  Genetic engineering of plants and animals for food, will take care of that.

America, the dream of nations, will end under Obama's fist.

Can you read "1984" in a day or two?  Read it.  I have a link here to a free download, I think.

Personally, I think Romney will delay the fall of America.  We were given no real choice by the shadow government.  There were better choices, their voices diminished by the liberal and very biased media.

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul meant much more to the country.

But we play the cards we are dealt.

Let's see what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can do for us.  It's time to flex our sleeping conservative muscle and vote Obama, the dictator/imposter, out of office so he can be held responsible for the Benghazi murders.
There is no room for a traitor or a dictator in the White House.

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