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Sunday, November 4, 2012



Amendment # 1 (The Forever Wild Amendment)

Gun owners and hunters of Alabama , you are being deceived!

Listed among the strongest supporters of Alabama’s Forever Wild program (those listed on their web site as “Friends of Forever Wild”), is practically every radical, gun hating environmental group in the world, and yet hunters and gun owners are being led to believe that Forever Wild will keep hunting lands open for hunters “forever.”

And these radical environmental groups are putting their money where their heart is. The Sierra Club gave $50,000 to Forever Wild to help set up its funding programs. The Nature Conservancy has contributed over $430,000 to Forever Wild this year and likewise designated most of it for advertising - $357,000 was contributed by TNC in September alone. And this is just the money we know of. Who knows how much more money has been contributed by these and other world wide environmental organizations.

This “Re-funding” campaign has hired dozens of professional advertisers who have flooded the airways and print media with their slick, feel good, “touchy feely” ads about mother nature and public hunting in Alabama. In the smoke screen created by this media blitz, it is easy to forget the nature and the true purpose of those behind this deception.

But just ask yourself this:
If the Nature Conservancy owned this land, would it be open for hunting?
If the Sierra Club owned this land would it be open for hunting?
If the World Wildlife Federation owned this land, would it be open for hunting?
Etc. Etc. Etc on down the list of radical groups supporting Forever Wild.

Why would these radical groups, all of whom are outspoken advocates of Agenda 21 and the United Nations sponsored “Wildlands Project” spend so much money to provide hunters a place to hunt? Why in your wildest dreams would they do that? (The Wildlands Project’s stated goal is to set aside sixty percent of the land in North America as “human free,” much less “hunter free,” and buffer zones against human intrusion.) These environmental groups will promise you anything, and they might even temporarily open some land to hunting in order to promote the illusion, and then be able to take control of more property. But how long do you think it will be before the sign on their gate will change to, “NO HUNTING- FOREVER”?

As a gun owner, and a hunter, you should know a BAITED TRAP when you see it.

Re-funding Forever Wild will make available up to three hundred million dollars to buy Alabama land and then place it in the hands of these self proclaimed anti-gun, anti-hunter environmentalists.

Re-funding Forever Wild will result in less land for hunting - not more. Stop the loss of hunting land in Alabama and the expansion of these human free zones.

On Nov. 6 th vote NO on Amendment #1.
Ken Freeman, Alliance for Citizens’ Rights

Marcia M. Chambliss
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