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Saturday, September 22, 2012



So, the traitor, fraud and would-be dictator is going to disgrace our Constitution at the United Nations with all the other dictators, murderers, and the other n'er-do-goods collected all in one place?

Put the SOB in chains when he leaves.  He needs to go to jail.

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SoulStraw3 said...

Klansman Alan. Your hateful rants ends up as the proven why Barack Obama WILL win Re-election.

Nobody will vote for people who insult their intelligence. Not to mention your hateful rant has proven What I said about you to be true...

You ARE a racist. You ARE a bigot, and ARE and extremist to the core!

Obama is a bad President, I won't deny that. But here is ALSO what he is:
1. he's not a traitor, but those who accuse him without facts are dangerously close to being so.
2. Not Marxist.
3. Not America's enemy
4. Usurping who? Bush lol
5. Not a fraud, but not an honest man...neither is Romney!
6. Obama is not a Communist. Their are no communists in this country.
7. Obama does not hate America. He lives here.
8. Nobody was worse President than Carter or Bush.

9. Hes trying to fix America. its very hard if you didnt know.
12. He's Catholic NOT Muslim.
13. No he hasnt done anything illegal or wrong so he can't be impeached!

I wish to thank you for proving us right! that overt and bald-faced racism has found itself institutionalized in the modern Republican Party.

but at this point the main thrust of the Romney/Ryan campaign hinges on hatred of Obama -- disguised as policy issues -- but actually primarily because of his race. Birithirism, accusations that he is both a communist and a fascist (although they are on opposite ends of the political spectrum) and flagrant lies about his positions are all fueled not by fact -- but by racism. For example, the republi-con lie that Obama is taking away the work requirement from welfare is a transparent attempt to frighten susceptible whites. But -- race-baiting is a modern republican party tradition. Abraham Lincoln is appalled.

If Obama was white, would there be such a backlash?

the percentage of Republicans doubting or denying Obama's birth in the U.S. is essentially unchanged. Nothing will convince them, for the simple reason that they cannot accept the idea that a Black man really is our President.