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Sunday, September 23, 2012


up on the title is going to remain there until after the election (and maybe never change).

This is all I see for Amerika, visions of razor wire, gray sky, grime, hard times, crime, the thunder of jack booted soldiers in our streets, screams from terrified citizens, gunfire, explosions.  I see nothing good today.

We "settled" again.  The RINO candidate was pushed on us by the Republican leadership who are RINOS.

The puppetmaster, Soros, says with Romney, nothing much will change, except when we realize he's as bad as Obama, we can dump him in four years - we will be sufficiently awake by then, if we aren't literally in chains and totally subdued.

We do not know how Romney feels about our rogue new agencies like DHS and TSA; martial law in America, the purchases of arms and military vehicles by those two and the distribution of arms and weaponry to other agencies and law enforcement, all to overpower American citizens who still believe in independence, freedom, liberty and the sovereign man and in the Constitution and God-given rights.

We are watching our flame in the darkness - America - turn to cinders before our eyes.  No one is waking up.  I see blank faces and ignorance when I watch Obama speech videos - the people stand like they are hypnotized.  Mindless.  They are mindless, useful idiots, until he is re-elected.

The burden of our suffering if he gets re-elected will be so devastating to us as individuals, as family units, we won't know what hit us.  We will be in shock.  At the mercy of...who?  DHS?  TSA?  Our law enforcement, our soldiers, foreign troops, blue helmets?  Sitting ducks for anything.  For murder, for looting, for sending us away to re-education camps?  What?  We don't know what!  Anything is a crime.  Even your thoughts.

Be forewarned.

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