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Friday, September 21, 2012


Ramblings - September 12th: A Call to Action

September 12th: A Call to Action

Just as it has for the past decade, the rising sun on September 11th did it again. Our regional country-western radio station, KCTR, plays patriotic music on the anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and it always coincides with my morning travels east on Old Highway 10 as I drive to my clinic. The blinding sun was just breaking over the Laurel skyline, and the bugs and scratches on my windshield made oncoming traffic dangerously invisible. However, waving clearly and proudly above the horizon in the golden morning sunlight was Old Glory attached to the structure found in every small town in rural America - the main street, corrugated-tin, grain elevator. With Johnny Cash referencing our stars and stripes with the words, "...she may be threadbare and wearing thin, but she is in good shape for the shape she's in," I had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye, and I found myself driving slower and slower so as to savor what it means to be an American - at least to me. Ours is a great country, and it pains me greatly to think the blood spilled by patriots over 236 years could be washed away and forgotten by the results of this election.   
Over six years ago and against the wishes of campaign advisers, I launched this op-ed column when I entered the political arena in my first run for office. I was warned that my words would be used against me and that it would be easier to campaign from the middle of the road and just smile and wave a lot; however, that's something I simply cannot do. You and I have had over 300 one-way conversations addressing every possible political topic, and each week I try to jolt you with a political truth. You see, I love America, but I gravely fear for her future, and I refuse to go down without a fight.
Here is my concern: Everyone is a flag-waving patriot on September 11th, and then on September 12th, they collapse back to the misperceived safety of their big government cocoon. Liberalism is completely contradictory to the U.S. Constitution, so our founding document is ignored; the masses are given free stuff while the rest of us and our descendants are enslaved to pay for it. This should enrage most Americans, but I am afraid it does not.
Thursday night, I was rattling down a gravel road to treat a horse choking on pressed beet pulp when I passed a farm yard with a line of campaign signs supporting progressive candidates. "Is every one sleeping?" I mumble to myself. "Progressives in both parties are leading America on a path to complete collapse, and no one seems to notice or care."  Unfortunately, progressives refuse to be enlightened by logic, facts, or figures, so I just as well quit worrying about it and focus my attention on those who understand the difference between free stuff and freedom... two completely contradictory commodities. 
This election, voters who understand liberty must cast a freedom ballot, or forever wish they would have. Patriots, please consider this a call to action to be certain every like-minded individual you know is registered and timely casts his/her ballot. History shows that there will be legislative races decided by less than a dozen votes and U.S. Senate races settled by less than 4,000. Enslavement from full implementation of Obamacare could be decided by the people living on your creek, on your street, or in your small town. You be the one who stands up and saves our great American experiment in freedom because no one else will.

Editor's Note: Well, for what it's worth, I'm with you all the way, Krayton, from the tears-rolling-down-the-cheek flag-waving to the conservative vote-making. And this quote from Gerald Ford, our 38th President, seems particularly apropos: "A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have." I have little faith that the tsunami will be turned back. LG
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'Put yur trust in God...and keep yur powder dry!'
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