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Friday, May 31, 2013


Jason Mattera, seen here asking the kinds of questions that NBC, ABC, CBS and others used to ask,
as recently as the Bush administration..
Ultimately, there will be a lot of layers revealed to this rotten onion, but it won't be due to any groundbreaking'
work done by (alleged) will be due to the work of Congressional committees. FNC, and a host of
indepedent media folks like Jason Mattera.

IRS Agent: DC 'Task Force' Made Decisions About Tea Party Applications

Posted by Harold @ a4cgr. By John Nolte Source .....
irs-attackThere were three interesting headlines to come out of today’s NBC News report about the widening IRS scandal. We learned that one Tea Party group received an IRS letter demanding answers to intrusive questions as recently as three weeks ago; that higher-ups outside of OH were involved in the paralyzing harassment of Obama’s political foes; and that there might be a special “task force” in Washington DC behind all of it.
Buried near the bottom of the NBC News report isthis fascinating factoid:
Cleta Mitchell, another attorney representing conservative groups that allege they were targeted, said an IRS agent in Cincinnati told her a “task force” IRS office in Washington, D.C., was making the decisions about the processing of applications, and that she subsequently dealt with IRS representatives there.
“(The IRS agent in Cincinnati) told me that in fact the case would be transferred to a special task force out of Washington, and that he was told – he was the originally assigned agent – that he wasn’t allowed to make decisions, the decisions were all going to be made in Washington,” Mitchell said. “I know that this process was going on in Washington because I’ve dealt with those people.”
We sure are a long way from the Obama Administration’s initial spin that all of this was caused by two rogue agents in a single office.

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