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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ron Paul at the Fed hearing - re gold

Ron Paul asks the Fed some hard questions - this one on manipulation of the gold market.

Iran dumps the dollar




Health care bill carries jail time

Here's an email I got today on Obamacare. Mind you, YOU WILL SUBMIT OR GO TO JAIL.

Praying to Obama

Breitbart discovered this video of the Gamaliel organizers, praying to Obama.

Overpaid celebrities and health care

Tabloid: Obama's hit list

Change in Arizona gun laws

We Are Change at the G20 in Pittsburgh - Amerika the Ugly

This is the ugly face of Amerika, where our guaranteed freedoms under our Constitution, are being trampled on a daily basis, under jackboots of thugs sworn to uphold it.

Max Baucus' healthcare bill

Go for broke, Max, honey! You sure aren't what we need in DC.

And when we're out of money and can't pay for this horrendous program, what happens to you?

I want you to be the first Senator to opt into this monstrous plan. After all, it's yours.

More on Hardin, MT

Obama approves funding for privatization of law enforcement in the USA



The UN and why we should remove them from our borders

Healthcare by Thursday?

Surrendering our sovereignty...

New website I've found for liberty lovers -

See what you think.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How does an anti-gunner protect his family w/a gun?

North Carolina state senator R.C. Soles, an anti-gunner protects his wife with A GUN!

Rep. John Boehner and healthcare bill



September 29, 2009 | House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) | Permalink

The Senate Finance Committee’s bipartisan rejection of a government-run, taxpayer-funded health care plan will do little to slow Speaker Pelosi’s push for a “more liberal” health care bill. Democrats in the House have moved past the question of whether to include a government-run health care plan in their proposal and are now publicly contemplating the means by which it will be rammed through Congress. This is not at all surprising when liberals “hold the key” to enactment of a costly government takeover of health care.

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) commented on today’s vote in the Senate Finance Committee:

“Today’s bipartisan rejection of a government-run, taxpayer-funded health care plan by the Senate Finance Committee should serve as yet another indication it is time for Democrats to hit the reset button and start over on health care reform. Instead, Speaker Pelosi is more committed than ever to passing a government-run health care plan in the House and then ramming it through Congress.”


  • Only A Question of “What It Will Look Like.” “…[I]n the House, the question is less about whether a public option will be in the bill than what it will look like. Early on, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D- Calif.) had promised to include some form of a public plan in the final House health care bill.” (Politico, 9/29/09)
  • House Democrats Already Plotting Senate Passage of Government-Run, Taxpayer-Funded Health Care Plan. “A public option in healthcare reform will not be possible unless budget reconciliation is used, Rep. Rob Andrews said during an interview on Tuesday. Rep. Andrews … asserted the House's health bill would include the public option, but would need the procedural maneuver to get it through the Senate. … Andrews predicted that the preliminary Senate bill would not include the public (or ‘government-run’) option coming into conference, but predicted ‘some accommodation’ between the two chambers' versions of health legislation coming out of conference.” (The Hill, 9/29/09)
  • The Top Goal for Liberals.” “A public option is the top goal for liberals…” “‘The public plan is the focus of attention,’ said Carl Rauscher, a spokesman for the House Progressive Caucus.” (Associated Press, 9/29/09; CQ, 9/28/09)
  • Liberals “The Key” To Passing Costly Gov’t Takeover of Health Care. “‘The progressives in the Democratic Party in Congress hold the key to enactment of any type of health reform legislation,’ said [Julius] Hobson, a former director of congressional affairs for the American Medical Association.” (CNN, 9/29/09)

House Republicans have put forward fiscally responsible solutions to make health care more affordable and accessible, including real medical liability reform, allowing families to buy insurance across state lines, and ensuring every small business has access to the same tax incentives as unions and large corporations. When will Democrats hit the reset button and work with Republicans to implement real reforms on behalf of the American people?

(202) 225-4000 | GOPLEADER.GOV


And this constitutes rape. If you read this, you will see that if police think you are driving under the influence (how about walking), you will be stopped, cuffed, restrained, and your blood taken without consent.

The attorney in the video says it is rape.

Texas is abusing its people. Another state is mentioned. Idaho, I believe.

The Tyrant in Chief's Enemy List

All you have to do is criticize the Prez.

Guess who's going to make BIG BUCKS ON GREEN CARS?

Well, it's not Pete, the Headless Chicken!



A menu for today - on flu, Guillam Barre, on paramilitary in MT


People of Montana - why are you allowing this? This is a private, paramilitary army!

Here's the link to the "American Police Force"

This link lists what American Police sells - to anyone. Bear in mind - "WMD" are weapons of mass destruction. Get the visual of explosive perforators. You need to read this list. In case they take it off, here it is.

American Police Force (APF) offers the world's finest products and services to the military, police, and security professionals. We present to you our comprehensive product category list:
      Weapons & Equipment Sales - INTL ONLY
    • Security Systems Military Supplies.
    • Duffle bags, tritium compasses, Alice packs, pistol belt, thermo gear, 1st aid kits, and M17 bags.
    • Shields, riot gear, police and military uniforms, cooling vests, body armor, ballistics vests, hazmat suites.
    • Police Cars, trucks, command and control vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, towing trucks, fuel trucks, general shop vehicles, passenger busses, vans, water transport trucks, 4 WD trucks and other specialty vehicles.
    • All United States made handguns, shot guns and U.S. major selection weapons.
    • Fire Machine Guns and associated accessories including cleaning kits.
    • 9mm hand guns & AK 47's.
    • Unit level armors kit, ammunitions.
    • Telecommunication (Thuraya Satellite telephone, cell/mobile phones, Motorola GP 320 Handheld UHF/VHF Radios, battery cells and more).
    • IT Systems (computers, laptops, fax machines, copiers, scanners, cartridges, scanners, printers, etc).
    • Body Armor, batons, fire glass riot helmet, and shin guards, & megaphones.
    • Armored cars and vehicles (Vans, SUVs, Cars, and trucks).
    • Police riot equipment.
    • Force Protection- WMD.
    • Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (WMD).
    • Monitoring and Access Control Systems.
    • X Ray, robot systems, mine clearing, tools, explosives/perforators, and disposal containers.


Well, see the blanks? The list won't print. I also notice this is for international use only. Yeah, but they sell it, so that means if they want to get involved in supporting our government here against us, the rabble and useless eaters, they can use it on us.


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Love Story: Will make you smile!

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Oh, CRAP! Another ACORN in the White House

Another member joins Thug Central (aka the White House) in Obama's administration. Meet Sarah Howard.

Brainwashing children isn't funny. What would we do with a cult leader if he were caught brainwashing?

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Ever read "The Manchurian Candidate"? Is that who we elected El Presidente?

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Gaspard another BIG ACORN in this administration

"Another ACORN,
Another crook
Another Marxist
Don't even look

Because we'll pick them
and then we'll cook 'em
and then we'll whoopee!

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Just read this crap and check out the links within.

Audit the Fed

Ron Paul on the audit the Fed hearings.

This came in from Liberty Maven -

It's something I never heard of, and never thought of. What if I get sick and give someone my debit card, or a check and send them off to get over the counter cold meds. Then maybe someone else in the house gets sick. What if we are shut ins? Do we all have to wait for the knock on the door?

This is too, too much.

Bad Baucus healthcare bill - Montanans take note

And not just Montanans. Every one of us.

The G20 videos

Why should Americans be treated like this for peaceful protest, and more importantly, why are the police acting like Darth Vader robots?

I'd like to hear from some law enforcement personnel on this. I'd better not hold my breath.

H1N1 - take the shot or go to prison

One of many plans - please, PLEASE watch the video.






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Images and photographer's rights

On Dog Art Today (yesterday's blog), a site I just love, appeared one of the most interesting, riveting, chilling photographs I've ever seen. It personifies Amerika. The photograph was taken at the G20; the dog appears to be a coal black Belgian Malinois, muzzled in black leather, against his handler's legs, also dressed in Darth Vader black riot gear.

This photo should win an award. It is incredible, and I don't know why the media hasn't picked it up.

I will find the post and link it here. It is a must see.

Click on the links.

Whoever you are who took the picture - many blessings. I hope you weren't hurt in the fracas.

Oklahoma City bombing revisited

Now the tapes appear to be edited.

We can't trust the government.

Reid confirms another anti-gunner


The White House and the halls of Congress have been taken over by the asylum.

Shut your mouth,Stifle your brains - Net Neutrality is coming

We are being taken over by madmen in the Obama administration.

We are stronger than a handful of people.

You know that.

Well, don't you?

We are being neutered. Homogenized. Our freedoms are lying at our feet.

Well, well...Sound cannons in use in San Diego and Pittsburgh

You bad demonstrators. Even if you're peacefully exercising your right to free speech and to assembly, you're going to be hit with sound cannons.

I hope you will find a link to Jason Bermas, a young patriot reporter, and find his videos from the G20 in Pittsburgh. That was police/military OVERKILL. I'll post a link later. You need to get the right information from someone who was there.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

More on the G20 student demonstration

Please check this out.

Ammo shortage and a new blog...

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Tom Brokaw, civility and me

And the Big Timber, Montana paper, the Big Timber Pioneer:

Tom Brokaw gave a booksigning in a bookstore in Big Timber, MT earlier this month, just before I arrived. The book he was signing was his “Boom! Voices of the Sixties”. The Big Timber Pioneer, the only newspaper (a weekly) gave it front page coverage. Not much happens in that lovely little town. Tom lives in the vicinity, in a very lavish sort of place – a real “spread” – a compound with guest houses, an education center, on a river. Angus cattle graze across the road in golden pastures. His is a good life.

So the Pioneer sent Connie Burcham, staff writer over to interview Tom. I read the article because it was timely, because Brokaw’s a writer, and I survived the sixties very well.

The interview, instead, was political. You know Brokaw - past anchor of the NBC Nightly News. He gave some really smarmy (I thought) jabs at our townhall meetings and thinks we should be civil, since we are spreading discord. He called us "troublemakers".

I can't seem to load my excerpts from the paper - something wrong with the tags, so I'll let it go. But I was really angry at the tone of the man and his pontification. Like...he matters.

“The former anchor of the NBC Nightly News said he believed that the discord [in America] was a result of the unsettling times people are living through today.


And that’s why I wrote the following as an op-ed to the Big Timber Pioneer, which wasn’t printed this week.

September 20, 2009

Dear Editor:

On Thursday, September 17 I read Connie Burcham’s interview with Tom Brokaw. I was visiting Big Timber, staying with a local resident at the time.

Frankly, what Brokaw said and alludes to made me so angry that now, days later, I find myself writing to you.

From Brokaw’s aerie on the river, he can comfortably pontificate on any subject; loss of homes (but not his), lost investments (but not his). He didn’t mention jobs. My town here in Florida lost 700 jobs at Sallie Mae while I was in Montana. He didn’t mention that people are upset about the swine in Congress who feed at the trough and don’t read bills. What about anger at illegal immigrants putting massive strains on our healthcare system so much so that we don’t need a healthcare bill. Just send all illegals home and seal the borders. TARP has failed miserably. Bernanke doesn’t know where the money went, Cash for Clunkers has failed. The banks are now nationalized and the auto industry is, too. Sunstein wants to give animals the right to sue. Do we dare to mention the sins of past administrations in giving us wars not approved by Congress, then NAFTA and GATT that drove the stake into our jobless hearts?

There are no jobs. The difference I see in Big Timber, which seems deflated, is alarming. It looks like the town is dying. There are no jobs here in my town, and real estate isn’t selling. My bank is in dire straits and I have closed my accounts there. The FDIC is in deep trouble, too.

Because Brokaw was a news anchor and somewhat of a celebrity, he fed you and I media-biased news for decades. We all bought it. I bought it, too. And the media continues to spin every piece of information that comes into the news bureau. We are being spoon fed lies. I don’t trust televised news. I get mine from other sources, and yes, that includes the internet. And it’s real easy to beat the bushes and find the right sources – like government sites and places like Drudge.

But that’s not so important. What is important to the great unwashed, is that Obama seems to bring into his administration on a daily basis, another leftist/socialist/Marxist idea or “czar”.

The cap and trade bill will bring us to our knees when implemented (if we let Senate do that to us), and the socialist agenda’s healthcare bill, which is gibberish – no normal person can understand even one page – is really full of draconian measures for all segments of our population. But then, the President and his cronies, and our elected officials don’t have to worry their fair-haired heads, because they have already opted out.

And this was passed by the House of Representatives – people we had confidence in and to whom we left the decisions for our care and governance – the majority of whom didn’t attempt to read it.

Another thing. Are you really certain about Obama being a natural born citizen, or do we have a niggling little doubt about his authenticity. If he is a fraud, an imposter, do we throw his butt in jail or do we hold him and sentence him as a traitor? If he’s not who he says he is, what do we do with him?

If Brokaw’s fortune suddenly evaporated and he couldn’t afford to live in his Eagle’s aerie watching the sun light up the riffles on the river, would he be vexed and angry? You bet.

I admit I have become very politically active. I blog, attend meetings, keep a finger on the pulse of “our” anger and news stories that never appear in mainstream news. I do my best to spread the words of truth. I think I can make that decision for myself. You can, too. And you can make sure your student son or daughter is aware of our Constitution and their rights which are inalienable. You and your children are American sovereign citizens; you do not bow and you do not run, and you will use your freedoms to insure all our freedoms.

I see my rights being trashed rapidly by this administration which is so hellbent on turning the USA into a communist country that recently Fidel Castro remarked that Cubans have more freedoms than we do. And on my blog is an article from Pravda, the Russian news agency stating the same thing – but compared us to Russia in the ‘50s. Believe it or not. Find it for yourselves.

Be civil?

Are you kidding, Tom? Civility means censorship; the suppression of ideas and speech. And for sure you haven’t an ice cube’s chance in hell in changing my mind. Politicians, including the President are employed by us, at our pleasure. When they don’t do their jobs, they will get fired. If this administration continues to grab our freedoms – whether it’s regarding NAIS, a mandatory inoculation for a supposed pandemic so loaded with squalene and mercury (there is no safe level of mercury), DNA/RNA in a live virus, injected or inhaled (it’s close to the brain and just destroys it more quickly), the cap and trade so full of restrictions we won’t be able to breathe (and who said carbon dioxide is bad for us when trees and green organisms use it in photosynthesis to produce oxygen – was it Gore?) – we are going to get increasingly angry and promptly be put on the White House enemies list.

Our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution gives us the power of enforcement to use all our rights and to defend our country against those without and within who would usurp our rights and freedoms. So yes! I’m going to get in those elected renegades’ faces every day if I can and scream at them until they know we – the teabaggers, the right wing extremists, the wingnuts, the patriots, and whatever derogatory names you call us – mean business.

Civil? No. Civility is not what we need at this critical time in our nation’s history.

Tom - If you were to lose everything…and I mean, everything…you would forget civility, too. You couldn’t live like some of us must. You’re too far out of touch now.

I’m a writer, and I agree that sources must be accurate. The reportage must be thoroughly checked before it goes to print or broadcast. But it’s relatively easy now to find a reputable and dependable source for news outside network news. Give us credit to know how to dig and sift. Got a problem with a bill? You go to the source like the politico who wrote or sponsored the bill; to or any one of a myriad of sources provided by our government, just like you or your staff did.

When was the last time you read the Communist Manifesto and the 10 point Plan?

The points there become more familiar and applicable to us here every day. Many of us know exactly what government is doing to us and watch the current administration, our Senators and Representatives and “czars”, whittle and whack away at this “perfect union” we were once given on rivers of patriots’ blood.

The people we trusted to elect are not trustworthy. The media is bought and controlled by corporations and information is diluted, spun and transmitted to tired Americans who are working their backsides off while the American dream dies.

But no more, for we have caught on. Truth in reporting? Over 1 million “teabaggers” met in Washington, DC last week to demonstrate and communicate peacefully and the the media at its best told their audience that there were “thousands”.

Obama and his minions are in trouble.

Do not preach to me, Tom, that we need to be civil. We tried it. It didn’t work.

And if the politicians don’t listen to us as we are screaming our discontent, then, as is our right, we will have to use something more effective.

We were given a Republic and it is slipping away because we were “civil” and apathetic for decades.

We’ve only just begun. We are stretching and gathering strength to return our precious Republic to its founding principles.

Don’t put labels on us. We refuse to be labeled as political extremists, as racists, as terrorists or White House enemies or dissidents. The people we elected who are methodically destroying our country are the enemies – the dissidents.

I am a Constitutionalist. I am disillusioned by both parties. They sicken me.

I am a proud American sovereign citizen, a grandmother, who will not be stopped in the fight for my grandchildren’s future in a United States free of socialist/communist/Marxist agendas, and where they won’t fear government control.

I am still a proud American and aware of the responsibilities that go with being a citizen.

We’ve only just begun, because in our wrath, “it ain’t over yet!”

Just read whatever interests you here

There's a lot on the so-called riots at the G20. If you have a college student, they aren't really safe.
It was a police riot; not a student riot. Watch the videos. Find videos on Youtube and other sites.
Pepper spray, sound cannons, the police and military presence. We are not safe.
And the problem comes from within.

Billy clubbing. The sound cannons were used in Iraq. People taken to state prison. It was a setup.
Listen to the video - I am listening to today's broadcast on the Alex Jones site.

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Have you seen yet?

Here's a new pro-Second Amendment blog called...


New User of Guns

Remove guns - Crime rises

This is from The Truth Will Set You Free blog which looks concerned mainly with our Second Amendment rights, with an easy email signup.

Outspoken professor and freedom of speech

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I hope this is a fabrication. I really do.

Bob Chapman of International Forecaster has an impeccable reputation. A friend who has a sustainable living blog and whom I've known for years, found and sent this to me. If this is true, and it isn't broadcast through the media, then we need to make it viral.

Check the links to the broadcast and if you can, ask your family or friends in the armed services, especially the Navy.

If this true, then we have a really big problem on our hands.

Do a Google search on this and wonder why and ask why this isn't in your local paper or on CNN.

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Netanyahu's speech at the United Nations

You WILL get OBAMACARE. You will pay or be fined or go to jail or both!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Numbers USA - San Diego incident

Three vans, 70 illegals attempt a crash through the border.

When students demonstrate...

and Obama holds a dinner (how dare those pig students do this to him), in Pittsburgh at the G20 summit, look...he pulls out the Darth Vader squad.

Is this right? I don't see any violence here...but you should see the Alex Jones clips.

I'll publish them later.

Just imagine how it's going to be if martial law is declared in relation to the mandatory flu shots.

Or for the sweep of a pen in an executive order.

We live in very troubled, very draconian times with this president.

More from Alex Jones:


If you spent $1.4 million (MILLION) DOLLARS on hiding your birth certificate, wouldn't that raise the stinking fish?

This may help if you in foreclosure and you have pets...

I don't know if there are other sources except rescues, but here is something that just came in.

You can subscribe to John Boehner's website for this newsletter.


September 25, 2009 | House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) | Permalink

During an interview with National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) discussed GOP efforts to work on health care solutions the American people support, such as ensuring Americans with pre-existing conditions have access to affordable health care and getting rid of junk lawsuits that drive up the cost of care. Boehner also discussed the ongoing effort in Afghanistan, the importance of denying safe haven to al Qaeda and the Taliban, and the need for the Obama Administration to allow General McChrystal to testify before Congress. A link to the audio of the interview is HERE, and following are excerpts as well:


“Well, I think Americans have spoken. They want reforms that lower costs, expand access and improve quality. None of the Democrat bills that we’ve seen thus far do that. You know, they claim that their bill will lower costs by spending a trillion dollars more and Americans really aren’t buying it.

“And so there are a number of things that Republicans believe are essential. We believe that making sure that people with pre-existing conditions have access to affordable health insurance. We believe that if you lose your job, you shouldn’t have to be worried about losing your health insurance—and you should be able to take your health insurance from job to job. Republicans believe that we ought to get rid of junk lawsuits and get doctors back to practicing real medicine instead of all the defensive medicine that they practice today. Estimates are that we would save over a $100 billion a year just in that area. And so there are common sense reforms that we can put in place to make our current health care system work better for more people.” (AUDIO)


“There’s no debate here in Washington on the need to fix our current health care system. The American people know that it costs too much and they also know that there is not equal access to high-quality, affordable health insurance. And so, as we move ahead, I think there is common ground – we can do it – but let’s be honest, the President hasn’t had the Republican leadership down to the White House since late April or early May. I sent the President a letter back in May outlining some of the things we’d like to do in health care and asking for a meeting. I got a nice polite letter back that said basically, thank you, but we’ll see you at the end of the process.” (AUDIO)


“In March, the President laid out a clear strategy to prevent al Qaeda and the Taliban from re-establishing safe havens in Afghanistan to in order to plan and execute attacks on Americans. Now the President’s is re-considering that strategy, and I have real concerns about that. We sent General McChrystal to Afghanistan to implement this new strategy. If General McChrystal believes that without timely reinforcements our efforts may end in failure, then we must act quickly to give him the resources he needs to achieve our goals. The Administration must allow General McChrystal to testify before Congress on his strategy for achieving our goals.” (AUDIO)


“My concern is that the longer we wait, the more jeopardy exists for the troops that we have there. Even if there is a decision to send more troops, it’s going to take a substantial amount of time for those troops to be trained and deploy into that theater. We have to remember that in Afghanistan we typically have to deal with the spring offensive. And I just believe that we need to make sure that we have the reinforcements there so that the troops that we have there are not in greater danger as a result of not having enough troops to protect each other.” (AUDIO)
(202) 225-4000 | GOPLEADER.GOV


You saw it here second...student indoctrination - get 'em while they're young

Call it anything you want - but don't call it cute.

This is brainwashing.

Celebration of Islam in DC

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Video/audio taping and privacy...things you should know

Re the ACORN lawsuit for interception of a recording.


Look who Ron Paul's bring in to testify!

Obama's speech at UN...

Global Regulation

Ready for one world regulation?

Read this.

I was listening to Neil Boortz yesterday, who refuses to listen to conspiracy theorists, though one guy tried very hard with him on the air. The problem with these talk show hosts, is that they are either really sincere in not wanting to stir the pot, or are in complete denial.

Or maybe they're under order from "the boss" whoever that may be.

Well, we headed for something so foreign to us; so dangerous; so ominous and draconian, that we are in denial, too.

Glenn Beck is beginning to see the light, though he stops short of FEMA camps. But they exist.

And as we hurtle toward one world government, we had better find our collect brakes and secede from the world.

US National Guard prepares for you...

OK, Pittsburgh. Why are you allowing this? Anyone from Pittsburgh, PA here reading this? I would appreciate your comments.

Military/police occupation of America, H1N1 tracking bracelets- videos, too.

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Good news on fire ants

For those of you who hate these imports, like me, maybe there's something positive in the works to destroy them.

Who really wrote Obama's book?

Bill Ayers! And there's a video included in this post.

What did you expect from the President in Fraud?

Hurrican Katrina - new book

on Katrina's secret jail.

Boson, Massachusetts - RFID tracking for H1N1

Bostonians are getting a taste of RFID tracking if they don't comply and get their flu shots.

In one of the great fonts of American liberty, HOW CAN YOU ALLOW THIS, BOSTON?

What has happened to you?

The Kennedys, past and present, must be orgiastic over this.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I make my own soap. It lasts forever, and I make it from three ingredients: Lye, water and animal fat (lard).

I don't use scents. It lasts forever. As it ages, it makes more suds. It's gentle for baby bottoms and your face. I have often thought of trying to make it myself. Here's how.

Bernanke, the Fed, and your dollar

Crime doesn't pay...IRS and ACORN

I've just discovered Jeni Fleming

And if you like really good jazz singers, this little video will introduce you to Jeni and the Jeni Fleming Trio.

If you don't know her now, you will. The album produced from this collaboration with the University of Montana String Orchestra is lush and beautiful.


Another study - the inconvenient truth about marijuana

Cass Sunstein - One of the (DC) Village Idiots

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The guy YOU used to love...very funny video

Obama Ad - watch more funny videos

Albany, NY Nurses refuse to take swine flu shot

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obamacare losing support - better read this - it's short and from the leftist NY Post


Obama/Baucus Health Care Plan - Shoot us again in the ass

Obamacare - what if your doctor closes his door?

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State Department working on pro-Muslim movie dinner for Iftar

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NEA/OBAMA and the partisan agenda

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Well, now Obama's going to take away our internet freedom

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Gary Harvey Case - Let him die? There is no death panel, right?

Ron Paul - The Politician who Cannot Tell a Lie

How many of you were told Ron Paul had no chance to win the election and then didn't vote for him?

Do you realize our mistake in not making him our President?

It's not too late. How wonderful it would be to have an honorable, wise man running our country and rolling back legislation for the good of the country.

US Czars to undergo oversight?

Obamacare and ILLEGAL ALIENS

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Swine flu vaccine and indigenous people of Canada

Just vaccinate "those" people and send body bags. All will be forgiven.

Like hell.

White House Enemies List

Well, dammit all to hell and shame on us!

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Now do you want to draw a line?

The power and danger of iconography

Obama's message to Jews on Rosh Hashonah

Are you Jewish? Are you listening? Aren't you happy you contributed so much to his campaign?

The man is despicable.

So -

A Shana Tova and may you all be inscribed in the book of life.

Blessings to all of you here.


Refreshed from a fantastic, magical trip to Montana with a friend as my guide which not even a malfunctioning camera (thank goodness for point and shoot backups), could spoil, my plans for the day are to do some blogging here, edit photos, and write a letter to the editor of a small Montana paper in answer to an interview with Tom Brokaw. You remember Tom, don't you? Well, at a booksigning in Big Timber, he said a few things that irritated me a lot. I drafted it yesterday.

Tom's losing sight of "us" and the rest of the USA - with condescending remarks on our patriotism and our exercise of freedom of speech at town halls...he believes we should stop the shouting and become more civil.

Hell, we've been quiet so long, it is our fault that we allowed the past several presidents and administrations to get away with the push to socialism.

Not any more.

So I'll print it here when it's ready.

And I'll also post a link to my photos in case you're interested.

Nice to be back, but I wish I were in Montana enjoying the first of the autumnal rains.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Red flag flying over the Whtie House

A Chinese flag will fly over the White House to honor China.

First time in history.

How do you feel about that?


To those of you who read my blog, you know that I am a fierce Constitutionalist. You also know that I love animals, nature, wildlife in all its forms. I respect nature and try to tread lightly on the planet. But I will never turn down the gift of venison or any other wild game. Killed in the field with one shot, it is a less-cruel kill than what our domestic animals (including horses) suffer before and at the slaughterhouse and in transit to those hellish places.

I am not vegetarian, and I will fight like hell to stop animal abuse and cruel practices. You know that.

And now we have Cass Sunstein, Regulatory Czar. You thought Van Jones was bad?

We need to galvanize into action right now - this moment - and absolutely destroy his chances to be anything but a zookeeper at best.

Michael Savage, popular talk show host says "Liberalism is a mental disorder."

Now I know why.

Obama is surrounding himself - if we let him - by the most extremist insane czars he can find.
These are dangerous people. They are dangerous to us in the "extreme".

Call your Senators, your Representatives. Leave a message on the White House line. I urge you to discuss Cass Sunstein at your next political meeting, your talk shows, write letters to the media, get on local news.

This president (note the lower case "p") is by far the very worst, and he should be impeached.


Sen. Grassley - opponent of Obamacare

Aw, gee - the UN wants a global currency...

to replace our dollar. Why don't we move the UN building from Manhattan to that island of floating trash in the Pacific Ocean?

What! Trade the funny money that the Fed is cranking out for a global currency?

Are you kidding?

Fast track to the third world.

The idiocy of Waxman-Markey

Micromanaging Tree Planting
Waxman-Markey proposes a new national tax of historic proportions
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Not many people enjoy a micromanager – having their boss hover over them monitoring their every move. Well, if Congress passes a cap and trade bill, they will be micromanaging our economy and controlling our decisions. Just one example of many: tree planting.

Section 205 of the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill creates a program to subsidize targeted tree-planting programs by retail power providers in “residential and small office settings.” To be clear, we are not against planting trees. They are aesthetically pleasing and good for the environment. But do we need the government funding our tree planting or telling us how and where to plant our trees?

Provisions are written in Waxman-Markey for the creation of “tree-siting guidelines” which regulate the minimum required distance to be maintained between trees and “building foundations, air conditioning units, driveways and walkways, property fences, preexisting utility infrastructure, septic systems, swimming pools, and other infrastructure as deemed appropriate” (Sec. 205, b4 & d4D).

To receive support, tree planting programs must utilize “targeted, strategic tree-siting guidelines to plant trees in relation to building location, sunlight, and prevailing wind direction” (Sec. 205, d3) The program also includes “free or discounted shade-providing or wind-reducing trees to residential and small office consumers.”

Sub-contracting tree-planting organizations must “sign agreements committing to voluntary stewardship and care of provided trees” and “monitor and report on the survival, growth, overall health, and estimated energy savings of provided trees.” (Sec. 205, e2F-G)

If there are no local nonprofits that wish to subcontract, tree-planting responsibilities may fall on “local municipal governments with jurisdiction over the urban or suburban forest” (Sec. 205, e3). The bill even creates a technical advisory committee to “ensure tree recipients are educated to care for and maintain their trees over the long term.” (sec. 205, f1)

If the tree planting provision seems like a small detail in an extremely economically devastating bill, it is. It covers about 15 pages of the 1,427 page bill. And surely you can think of a lot worse ways the government can spend your taxpayer dollars. But it’s another example of government intrusion and government planning for which the private sector can do, and do it better. Economist Friedrich Hayek put it best when he said, “The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.”

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How You Can Help Free Our Energy

The Obama Administration is seeking public input on a proposal that would open energy exploration within the United States.

Click here to express your support for this plan to free our energy.

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